Discover HIVE Powered Recruiting

The HIVE Powered Recruiting (HPR) Platform: Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Discover iSTRUT’s innovative HPR, a plug-and-play solution powered by advanced machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (AI).

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While leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology to enhance efficiency, quality, and value, we remain committed to personalizing each experience for a humanized touch.

"HPR provides actionable data insights to hiring decision-makers and key stakeholders, transforming the recruitment landscape with a blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized service."

Aaron Ware (CEO, Founder)

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How It Works

  • HPR complements and enriches your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS)with best-in-class data insights.

  • Reduce overhead associated with recruitment.

  • Optimize your existing resources.

  • Increase the speed and quality of recruitment and placement processes.


Who It Benefits

  • Hiring Managers

  • Recruiting Teams

  • Company Representatives

  • Partners

Bee-come Part of Something Greater.