Healthcare |02.02.2024

Bridging the Tech Talent Gap in Healthcare

By: Liza Smart | Head of Professional Services

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and technology, iSTRUT emerges as a game-changer. As a talent management solution provider, iSTRUT bridges the gap between industry needs and available tech talent, especially in the critical domain of healthcare.

The Challenge: A Shortage of Skilled Professionals

Healthcare organizations face a pressing challenge: finding specialized professionals who excel in virtual care. Telemedicine, in particular, demands a unique skill set—doctors, nurses, and technicians who navigate the intricacies of remote patient interactions.

How iSTRUT Makes a Difference

  • Connecting the Dots

    iSTRUT’s platform acts as a talent bridge. It connects healthcare institutions with professionals experienced in telehealth technologies. Whether it’s a telehealth physician diagnosing a patient remotely or a nurse providing follow-up care virtually, iSTRUT identifies the right candidates.

  • Targeted Recruitment

    iSTRUT’s recruiting experts understand the nuances of telemedicine roles. They craft job descriptions that emphasize telehealth expertise, communication skills, and adaptability. Through networking and partnerships, iSTRUT ensures a steady influx of qualified candidates.